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Policy Advocacy

Water for All Los Angeles

The state of water access in Skid Row (and likely across Los Angeles County) is unconscionable and represents a major failure of our elected officials to keep Angelinos (and particularly unhoused Angelinos) safe.


Our team recently produced a policy brief (see below) assessing the state of water access in Skid Row and evaluating alternative interventions. We found that water resources in the Skid Row neighborhood were grossly inadequate. Coupled with evidence about rates of heat-related illness and mortality, impending rising temperatures, and experiences shared by residents in Skid Row, we concluded that the status quo presents a significant danger to our unhoused neighbors. After comparing alternative interventions we argue that water spigots are the best alternative because they provide the quantity of water needed for daily hydration, can be easily maintained, reduce barriers to access, and are permanent. Los Angeles needs a range of interventions to ensure that everyone has access to water, the most basic human need. However, we have seen no movement from local government representatives to ensure this.

We've created a toolkit to help spearhead efforts to push our elected officials to take this matter seriously.  Help us out by using the resources on this page to contact the Councilmember for Skid Row, Kevin de Leon, and your city council member.

Our policy brief

What you can do

Take a look at our Water for All LA toolkit -- click here -- for resources about contacting elected officials, or click any of the links below. 



Email if you'd like to get more involved in these efforts.

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