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About Us

Water Drop LA is a community organization whose mission is to provide clean drinking water to people experiencing homelessness. By distributing 1,000+ gallons of water during weekly water drops, Water Drop aims to support existing organizers and groups and to meet the immediate needs of the community. Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human right, and Water Drop believes that legislative advocacy must be accompanied by a swift response to critical necessities.

Our Values


We advocate for accountability from our government officials and for education on structural racism and anti-saviorism.


 We seek to be sustainable in our efforts by prioritizing and centering local communities in our work. We believe that access to water, food, and housing is what creates healthy communities.


 We require full transparency and accountability from our organization.


We strive to create strong partnerships with other organizations that work to combat the consequences of systemic marginalization; together, we foster horizontal linkages and bottom-up strategies that build informed and critical consciousness. 


We value inclusivity and recognizing how structural racism plays into water insecurity.

Our Mission

Water Drop’s mission is to provide clean drinking water to people experiencing homelessness. We believe that no person, regardless of their housing status, should go without access to clean drinking water: the most fundamental human need.

Meet the Team

  • She / Her / Ella

    Co-President & Executive Director

    Aria Cataño

    A graduate student at the University of Southern California, she studies Urban Planning with an emphasis in equitable economic development. As a first generation American who is driven by her multicultural upbringing, she has been deeply invested in fighting for just social policies for years. But more than anything, she is eager to continue learning and growing alongside her communities so that positive and radical systemic change can become a reality.

  • She / Her

    Co-President & Director of Operations

    Catie Cummings

    A senior at the University of Southern California she studies Law, History and Culture, and Practical Politics with plans on attending law school in 2021. Originally from Philadelphia, Catie is dedicated to working on issues critical to Los Angeles, particularly access to basic human needs such as water and shelter.  Once she finishes her time at USC and Law School, Catie plans to work as a public defender promoting equitable access to justice for all. 

  • She / Her

    Director of Sustainability & Secretary

    Kate Montanez

    A recent graduate from the University of Southern California with degrees in Environmental Studies and Political Science. As an inclusion, sustainability, and human rights advocate, she remains steadfast in facilitating critical thinking and learning in herself and with others. She is determined to promote education and cultivate culture change in the pursuit of intersectional justice in all communities.

  • She / Her

    Director of Volunteer Operations

    Avery Dukes

    A current senior at USC studying NGOs and Social Change. Having firsthand experience with inequality, she has begun work in the education system to push for a more equitable curriculum and instruction. She is dedicated to extending this passion to push for access to basic human rights and social justice. With the understanding that every person has the right to live comfortably, she uses her activism to change the lives of individuals in the hope that the effort will make a collective impact. 

  • She / Her / Ella

    Director of Community Outreach

    Mayra Lozano

    An undocumented community organizer raised in Tongva (South Central LA) by strong immigrant parents. Most recently a graduate of UC Berkeley, she completed a Public Service Fellowship at Immigrant Defenders Law Center providing direct legal services to immigrant children. Now as a public policy fellow of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus she plans to work on community centered immigration policy. Guided by her own experiences with homelessness, she hopes to aid in the struggle against systemic inequities.

  • He / Him

    Asst. Director of Volunteer Operations

    Aaron Licón

    An alumnus of USC (who is not particularly interested in pursuing his field of study in an office space) and lifelong resident of LA County, he believes uplifting the community requires both active and interactive participation. Inspired by family and friends who have dedicated their lives to serving their respective communities, he hopes to help reverse the harmful effects of gentrification and bring awareness to those marginalized via consistent engagement and art. 

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