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Showing up for our community, every week.

About Us

Water Drop LA is a 100% volunteer-run community organization whose mission is to provide clean water and other necessities to communities facing water inaccessibility. By distributing 2,000+ gallons of water to Skid Row each week and by providing water to our partner organizations across Southern California, Water Drop aims to support existing organizers and to meet the immediate needs of the community. Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human right, and Water Drop believes that legislative advocacy must be accompanied by a swift response to critical necessities.


Our Work

Every Sunday, we organize Water Drops to bring 2,000+ gallons of water to the unsheltered community on Skid Row. Learn more about how to volunteer here. 

Throughout each week, we also work alongside other mutual aid groups to deliver water and other materials for their own outreach events. Among these groups are farmworkers in Oxnard and Coachella Valley whose water has been tainted by pesticide runoff, community fridges across LA and organizers combatting water insecurity within low-income, housed communities.  See a full list of our partners here.


Our Values


We advocate for accountability from our government officials and for education on structural racism and anti-saviorism.


 We seek to be sustainable in our efforts by prioritizing and centering local communities in our work. We believe that access to water, food, and housing is what creates healthy communities.


 We require full transparency and accountability from our organization.


We strive to create strong partnerships with other organizations that work to combat the consequences of systemic marginalization; together, we foster horizontal linkages and bottom-up strategies that build informed and critical consciousness. 


We value inclusivity and recognizing how structural racism plays into water insecurity.

Our Mission

Water Drop’s mission is to provide clean drinking water to people experiencing homelessness and other communities facing water insecurity. We believe that no person, regardless of their housing status, should go without access to clean drinking water: the most fundamental human need.

Our Team

Water Drop LA was started by Aria Cataño, Avery Dukes, Catie Cummings, Kat Montanez, and Mayra Lozano in the summer of 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Since then, the team has grown to be led by a number of other volunteers who assist with behind-the-scenes organizing and advocacy efforts on a weekly basis. If you wish to get involved, please come find us at a water drop or contact us!

To reach our team for any questions or requests, please email the appropriate contact below: 

Community/Organization Partnerships:

Media: /



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