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Every Sunday at 11am, we bring a group of 30+ volunteers to Skid Row to drop off 2,000+ gallons of water and other necessities. This is what we call a water drop. 

By packing 15+ cars and trucks with water gallons and fanning out across the region, we’re able to reach a significant number of Skid Row residents. While a gallon a week is nowhere near sufficient for healthy survival in Los Angeles’s hot climate, we hope that this regular water distribution, which supplements the actions already being taken by organizers around the city, will curb some of the existing urgent need for clean drinking water. 

We differ from many organizations in that we bring larger quantities of water directly to people. Since other organizations in Los Angeles cover a variety of issues, we are structured in a way that provides water on a more focused scale in higher quantities. Our hope is that this removes the burden of finding and getting to a brick and mortar distribution location, due to inaccessible information, safety concerns and physical restrictions. 

On our water drops, we also underscore the importance of person-to-person conversations and interactions. This is another reason why we send our volunteers to every single block of Skid Row. By building relationships with members of the community during these drops, we hope to serve as a trusted resource and friend to residents. 

Personal cars are welcome, but not necessary. Carpools from the meeting point to Skid Row will be arranged for those who opt not to drive. 


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Can't make it to a drop? No problem! As an organization funded by  grassroots donors, we understand the financial and time limitations you might be experiencing. Feel free to donate what you feel comfortable with by clicking the button below or share our GoFundMe link with your friends and family.


Your donation will be used to further Water Drop's various initiatives to create, operate, and maintain support for communities facing clean water inaccessibility, including through the purchase and distribution of water and other drinks, food, clothing, and other items of use to unsheltered neighbors in our community; raising public awareness on issues pertaining to water insecurity; and implementing longer-lasting solutions to combat water shortages and other issues related to housing insecurity. 

As a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations to Water Drop may be tax deductible. If you made your contribution on or after November 5th, 2020, let us know if you would like a donation receipt for your records. Please email to obtain a receipt!




We also prioritize legislative advocacy, as this is a primary way in which we can achieve long-term change. Check out our petitions and our full statements on how the City of Los Angeles has failed unsheltered communities at the links below. 

Volunteering for our water drops is just the first piece of our mission. We seek to be as educational as we are active as we work to better understand the roots of homelessness, systemic poverty, and water scarcity.  

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