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Bringing fresh water to the unhoused population of Los Angeles


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Distribute clean drinking water to the thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles.

Educating our volunteers and public on areas of systemic homelessness and everyone's right to water access as a basis of human dignity.

Water drops are just the beginning. We seek to create and advocate for longer lasting solutions to combat water shortage.

Join us for a Water Drop

Every Sunday at 11am, we bring a group of 30+ volunteers to Skid Row to drop off 1,000+ gallons of water. This is what we call a water drop. 

By packing 15+ cars and trucks with water gallons and fanning out across the region, we’re able to reach a significant number of Skid Row residents. While a gallon a week is nowhere near sufficient for healthy survival in Los Angeles’s hot climate, we hope that this regular water distribution will curb some of the existing urgent need for clean drinking water. Thanks to the overwhelming public support we’ve received, we are able to support other organizations already working hard to fight food and water insecurity in Los Angeles. 


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